The Keep it Local Fundraising Mobile App & Card is perfect for:

…And Any Group That Would Like a Fun and Easy Way to Raise Money

Benefits to your Organization

  • Easy to sell price point – $20.
  • YOU keep more than 50% of the profits.
  • Each card customized to reflect your supporter’s logos and a special (bigger value) offer on the snap-off section of the card.
  • Card purchasers can download our Mobile App to access web-based discounts that include hundreds of merchants rather than the few that can actually fit on typical “discount cards”.
  • No order taking, big boxes of merchandise, candy bars, etc. to unload and distribute.
  • No up front costs (in most cases) – you simply send us a check at the END of your campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a full service fundraising company who will deliver a superior product your members can easily sell. No one can top our card features and quality.

When can we run a Fundraiser?

You can start at any time. You will want to make sure your business supporters, such as restaurants and merchants, are included in your personalized “Keep it Local” Fundraising Card. Please allow four weeks for us to complete the administrative work to kick- off your campaign.

What type of support do I receive?

You will be assigned a Fundraising Consultant who is just a phone call away!

Can our customers order on the Internet?

Absolutely! They can place their orders naming your organization (to make sure you get credit) and adding a $2 mailing fee. We will then send the card out for you.

Why should I choose the “Keep it Local” Fundraising Mobile App & Card?

  • A unique new fundraising program that hasn’t previously been sold in our community.
  • Your organization receives 55% or more – always.
  • We can customized your card with your logo.
  • We do all the follow-up, design the card and deliver them to you.
  • In most cases there are no upfront costs to your organization.
  • Your members will have the card in hand to sell. No ‘orders, then delivery’. Simple.
  • You raise funds for your group AND promote/support locally-owned business who have an opportunity to participate at no charge. The ‘featured merchants’ that appear on your card with their logo and offer only pay $75.
  • You can order as little as 100 generic cards, however, customized card orders must be 300 or more. You can always order more cards.

How do I handle payment/profit?

When your Fundraiser ends you can return any unsold generic cards and envelopes, along with the 45% due to Creative Fundraising Concepts, LLC (dba The Keep it Local Card) via one check.

How do we promote and sell our card?

  • The most successful way to sell your “Keep it Local” Card is face-to-face. The ‘featured merchants’ discounts on the break-away section of the card are a great selling point.
  • Be sure to download the Mobile App to show all the discounts they will receive from our on-line participants.
  • Promote your fundraiser via social media – your webpage, Email list, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest since your card can be purchased online.

What does the Membership Card & Mobile App offer?

  • The featured offers on your card – one-time use.  Since each organization can have different merchant offers, individuals can purchase from more than one group and still come out ahead! “I already bought one” doesn’t mean ‘no’.
  • A full year of discounts to an unlimited number of local restaurants, stores and activities (theatre, museum tours, other attractions). More businesses are being added daily. In addition, the offers can change every three months to keep the program fresh!
  • You have access to ALL of the on-line offers, not just those from your organization’s supporters.
  • You can register your card on-line to receive monthly updates on new merchants and offers.

What do you need from us to get started?

The key to the success of your fundraiser is to reach out to business owners who are friends, family and current supporters of your group. Since WE INVITE THEM FOR YOU we simply need a list from you. The sooner we get the list, the sooner you get your cards.

  • Name of Business
  • Contact Name
  • Phone, if available
  • Name of individual who refers us to them

Call or email for more information.